5 Content Marketing Tactics for “Boring” Industries

industrial content marketingFor powerful content marketing, it’s not enough to produce content that’s accurate: It also has to be interesting. This leaves some enterprises, especially in industrial B2B, with a challenge: How to communicate expertise in a way that makes decision-makers want to stick around to the end!

Your industry isn’t boring. Content that resonates on more than a solely professional level is simply more effective.

Let’s explore ways to showcase your expertise through content marketing and appeal to your audience.

1 Produce More Infographics

Even dry topics can be interesting using infographics. There’s no better way to distill complex information and provide a  new look into a familiar subject. When infographics are visually engaging and backed by good data, they tend to be shared fast. Some experts claim infographics are three times more likely to be shared than other content.

2 Shoot More Videos

Videos are excellent because they’re easy for decision-makers to access and consume on the go through a mobile device. Interviews, roundtable discussions, or simple “behind the scenes” clips can all be used in a video strategy. Live videos are particularly powerful: People spend over 300% more time watching them than pre-recorded videos.

3 industrial content marketingUse More Graphics and Photos

Using more graphics can help spice up even highly technical content. Photos can be used to break up text and make it easier to digest, for example. Even a simple introductory graphic at the top of a blog post makes it more likely to be shared and far more likely to attract clicks when it is. Upleveling old content marketing with graphics can be a worthwhile pursuit.

4 Focus on Relatable Content Types

B2B decision-makers aren’t content to know your solution works. They also want to know that it will work for them. The best way to persuade them is to introduce the voice of the customer – their voice – in your content. Case studies get attention because they show your offerings in action in a situation buyers can visualize. All the better when the studies include video.

5 Make Content Timely

Every content strategy has two pillars: Evergreen content and timely content. Evergreen content attracts organic search, but it’s usually limited to more introductory information. When your content is based around the latest industry happenings and events, you help your audience feel as if they are part of something big. That’s naturally intriguing, no matter the industry.

Of course, every topic is interesting to someone.

However, pure “thought leadership” without any excitement has a tendency to seem stilted and inauthentic. And today’s buyers – even in the loftiest B2B realms – want to make a genuine connection and feel trust in the brands they work with.

With these approaches, you can build that trust faster.