Marketing Trends in 2019: Marketers Must Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior

Wondering about the top 2019 marketing trends?

Marketing is adapting as consumers make their voices heard loud and clear.

It’s simply not enough to take a traditional outbound marketing approach and try to contact as many people as possible. Instead, enterprises must adapt their marketing in granular, personalized ways.

Let’s consider marketing trends that will shape the world in 2019.

Advertising: Old-Fashioned Advertising Channels Fall in Importance

Outbound advertising is contracting, with its ability to influence consumer opinion plunging. Nielsen research going back as far as 2015 has shown the trend, with inbound and non-traditional channels soaring in relevance. “People you know” are considered the most trusted information source.

At the same time, more online users are adopting ad blockers and opting out of advertising.

What’s the Trend?

Brands aren’t people, but they can build trust by providing value and nurturing a long-term bond before the first sale is made. Inbound marketing – with great Web content backed by a campaign of targeted email – is the way of the future for both B2B and many B2C brands.

2019 Marketing Trends Highlight Changing Consumer BehaviorCommunication: Voice Search and Mobile Will Dominate in 2019

The mobile revolution has reached its pinnacle: 95% of Americans own a cell phone. Many enterprises, particularly larger ones, are still playing catch-up with this exciting mobile reality – while nimble, customer-focused brands are looking to the future of mobile.

About 40% of adults used voice search on a daily basis in 2016. The difference as we head into 2019 is the newfound focus on voice search by Google and the whole constellation of brands that rely on it for online visibility, along with an ever-growing list of voice search devices.

What’s the Trend?

Instead of thinking about keywords and paid traffic, brands will need to develop their marketing communication with new IT trends in mind. That includes a more conversational and topic-focused approach to blogging and a greater awareness of the home assistant ecosystem.

Technology: Marketing Automation is a Must-Have for Business

Marketing automation is the key to providing a personalized experience to your prospects and customers. The better your automation tools, the better you’ll be able to process and act on your knowledge of the people whose interest drives your success.

What’s the Trend?

Enterprises of all sizes – not just Fortune 500 – should implement marketing automation across the value chain. That includes Customer Relationship Management suites to provide visibility in the buyer journey as well as more traditional automation avenues like email marketing.

In marketing, change is the only constant. Luckily, you don’t need a crystal ball to see the future: 2019 will be a continuation of major trends that have been building. It’s time to harness them.