5 Important Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Content marketing is fast becoming one of the most important digital marketing tools of them all – if not the most important. To build trust and capture interest from leads, informative and helpful content is essential. That’s especially true in the B2B world.

Although content marketing best practices are still taking shape, content trends still come and go at a rapid pace. Many of these trends develop into long-lasting strategies with plenty of impact.

So, what are the major content marketing trends going into 2020? Let’s take a look:

1. Interactive, Personalized Content

Interactive content has long been effective in the B2C realm but rarely gets its due in B2B. Interactive self-assessments can help leads zero in on areas where they can use your expertise. They can also find new, more effective ways to apply the lessons in your content, too.

2.Value-Based Marketing

Millennials are making an increasing share of big purchase decisions. And one thing unifies most of them: The desire to work with brands that are in concert with their values. Making values clear in content – through authentic, transparent approaches like live video – will be essential.

3. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven tools are becoming more effective and strategic. They can develop content – by dynamically synthesizing existing content into new forms – or promote it. Chatbots create one-on-one, conversational experiences that make your brand appear more friendly, too.

4. Topic-Based Pillar Content Pages

Pillar content is a strategy that centralizes all of your best content on a topic in a step-by-step format that allows readers to explore each aspect by zooming in on the niche articles they need. These long, resourceful pages tend to be very effective in raising search engine visibility.

5. Subject-Specific Community Content

Question sites like Quora and story-based content sites like Medium have taken the social world by storm. Brands with strong expertise in a given subject can solicit user content, curate it, and encourage social connection … all while creating brand loyalty in the process.

5 Important Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Publishing and promoting terrific content on a weekly basis (if not more!) is a cornerstone of turning your brand into a resource your audience is glad to engage with. The better your content, the more trustworthy you will seem. That’s true today, in 2020, and beyond.

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