5 Live Video Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now

live video marketingLive video marketing is a hot, exciting way to connect with customers. As bandwidth has increased and mobile technology has become common, live streaming has become one of the fastest-growing areas of digital marketing.

Streaming is uniquely powerful because of its authenticity and urgency. There’s something magnetic and compelling about it – and it doesn’t require experienced, high-paid talent or jaw-dropping production values to work its magic.

Still, it has to be done right!

Let’s look at some key live video marketing mistakes many companies make:

Videos Feel Too Scripted

Livestream participants aren’t actors, but that doesn’t mean just anyone has the charisma and quick thinking necessary to do it. Working from a script has a tendency to make videos feel stilted. Focus on authenticity by having a few key points to cover, but letting most dialogue develop on its own. A sense that “anything can happen” is key to the appeal of streaming.

Too Much Equipment, Too Many Effects

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. You’ll notice, however, that most people don’t buy high-end cameras to use for their feed. By sticking with their trusty smartphones, users buy into the Instagram aesthetic. The lesson for live video marketing is simple: Keep effects to a minimum and let viewers see the real you. That’s what they’re there for!

Too Many Delays

At the moment you start a live video, you can expect to have – maybe – one or two viewers. As long as the figure is more than zero, go for it. The most effective streaming is spontaneous, and not everyone will be able to drop what they’re doing to tune in. Those who join you from the start are your core audience, and you want to be “on” for them right away.

live video marketingForgetting to Engage With Comments

Facebook users love to comment on live video. In fact, they comment about 10 times more on live videos than on pre-recorded ones. The potential for engagement is gigantic. Make sure your stream’s production environment is set up so you can access and engage with those comments right away. Nothing’s better than making people feel they are part of the action.

Not Keeping Viewers Interested Throughout

Even if your stream is only five minutes long, people will be tuning in and dropping off all throughout its runtime. How can you keep them together? Take a page from TV news and make sure they know something big is coming at the end. For example, you could have a giveaway that only people who stay throughout the whole stream will be eligible for.

The key takeaway is this: Don’t overthink your streaming. Get in there and be yourself!