5 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing in 2017

Great Web content will be more important than ever in 2017. Though content marketing strategies can be complex, there’s no reason for it to be mysterious. Let these five content marketing approaches guide you in 2017 and you’ll be on the road to success.

Integrate Visual Content & Good Writing

At first, it might not seem like Web users put a high priority on the written word: Research has shown most users read only about 50% of an article. However, taking a dour view of writing underestimates the power it has when it’s interesting.

People will read long articles that matter to them: Copy of over 1,000 words has been shown to raise conversions. Infographics, photos, and videos help users stay focused instead of being intimidated by text.

Make Content Ultra-Targeted

What really matters to Web users is the most pressing questions they have at that moment; the ones you can help with. Without digging into their needs, however, it’s easy to mistake your users for their neighbors; people who are similar, but have far different motivations.

Ultra-targeted content marketing makes use of user survey responses, keyword research, and more to make users believe content speaks directly to them. That, in turn, makes them more likely to read and take action. Never stop learning about your customers and you’ll always have new content.

Engage Across Multiple Channels & Formats

Content is more like an ocean than a river. People rarely follow one goal from start to finish, and they might drift for long periods before moving on. As they turn attention from websites to social media to videos and sharing sites, your message should follow.

That means amplifying your voice whenever you can. Use social media to drive followers to new content. Re-purpose blog collections into whitepapers; build whitepapers into e-books; parcel out content into audio and video. Give users many chances to hear your take.

Make Room for User Contributions in Your Content Marketing

Generally, users like people who are similar to them in some important way. They don’t want to hear you talk about how great your product is: They want real user reviews! Users can contribute content in other ways, too. They can submit photos using your products. They can provide testimonials. They can comment in forums. However, you need to give them a platform to do it!

Look for Unique, Interesting Angles

Many competitors are sure to have blog posts with similar topics to your own. That’s okay: Even the most prestigious business in the most conservative industry can look for ways to make a familiar point in a new, exciting way. Embrace the potential of ideas like micro-video, live video events, and more to give topics a fresh spin and humanize your brand.