6 Quick Ways to Boost Social Media Shares

6 Quick Ways to Boost Social Media SharesThe more social media shares you get, the more ROI you’re likely to get from your content. This is true throughout the content ecosystem – from blog posts to infographics to offers and more. Sadly, the social audience is often fickle. How can you motivate them?

Use these quick methods to boost social shares fast:

Leverage Social Video and Live Streaming

Mobile platforms are quickly taking over the social world, and mobile users love video. Live streaming lets you take this even further: Users spend three times longer on average watching live videos versus pre-recorded ones. An occasional live stream can make a huge difference.

Tag Other People on Social Media

Influencer marketing is a great way to “share” another person’s social audience without taking value away from them. Tag others – whether they contribute or simply inspire you – using a shareable image that quotes them. A bevy of shares is likely to follow.

Time Your Social Posts Correctly

What’s the optimal time for you to post? This depends a great deal on your audience – especially on time zones. Luckily, you can use social media analytics to figure out when your users are most active, typically in the late afternoon or early evening local time.

Use Visual Content Daily

Social media users as a whole are much more likely to share posts with images than text alone. In fact, posts with images receive 150% more retweets than those with only text. Combining imagery and information is generally the best approach to boosting shares.

6 Ways to Boost Social MediaDon’t Be Afraid to Re-Share Content

Most of your Web content will be “evergreen” – it has no expiration date. With that in mind, why limit your sharing to the day it comes out? You’ll be gathering new users all along, and old ones who haven’t seen what you offer. You can share most content multiple times a month!

Experiment With Shorter Content

When people are active on social media, they usually don’t spend a long time on any one topic. Sure, they might skim your blog post, but odds are they’ll bookmark it – and never return. Provide shorter content with prominent social sharing buttons to get a faster reaction.

Users Share Your Content When They Recognize You’re a Resource

Ultimately, what drives people to share certain content?

It could be humorous or stoic, mysterious or straightforward, but whatever it is, it adds value.

Develop content that answers burning questions, educates users, and provides them with the assets they need to make better decisions. This will give people an intrinsic motivation to share with others in their tribe who may be facing the same issues. These six tips will help you get their attention.