7 Simple Ways to Increase Your B2B Sales

Small tweaks to your business website can make a major difference in your sales performance. Other forms of outreach can also reinforce your digital efforts.

Let’s consider seven proven methods that can have an impact this quarter:

1.Post More Content

Helpful, informative Web content is the secret to attracting more qualified leads to your site. Your content serves as a great sample of the value they can expect when they become customers. Each piece of content should focus on a target SEO keyword or keyphrase.

2.Use Social Media

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social media tool for B2B sales. By engaging with LinkedIn Groups and publishing on a regular basis, you establish thought leadership with decision-makers. Consistency is the key to getting noticed on social media.

3.Request Referrals

Most of your customers probably know someone else who can benefit from your offerings. That said, they may not take the next step and actually refer colleagues unless you first make contact. Make it a point to reach out to your most satisfied customers on a regular basis.

4.Use Email Marketing

Email is a fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to keep leads and customers in the loop about your latest products and services. Segment your email marketing lists for buyer personas and different steps of the buyer journey so the content leads receive is always relevant.

5.Hold Online Events

If you operate in a knowledge-driven industry, online events can be a great way to attract eager leads. These events take the form of brief training sessions that not only equip leads to reach their business goals, but also introduce them to the value you can offer them.

6.Hold Face to Face and Community Events

The online sphere isn’t your only option for events. Raising your visibility in your industry and community is also a wise investment. In addition to connecting you with B2B leaders, it can also help differentiate you as an employer of choice in your field.

7.Use Conventional Mailings

7 Simple Ways to Increase Your B2B Sales

Mailing product and service information directly to companies that are well-positioned to do business with you is one way to cut through the clutter and get attention. A concise, yet quality overview of your value proposition can get you a callback if you identify the right contact.

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