AIMG | Accurate Imaging Builds MTR LookUp Tool for Plumbing Supplies Company Matco-Norca

Matco-Norca, the leading supplier of globally sourced plumbing supplies and PVF products, approached AIMG to build a self-service tool that would allow customers to acquire current MTR information for the specific products that interested them.

AIMG, who also designed and developed Matco-Norca’s custom dynamic website application, created an easy-to-administrate website tool that allows the client to associate, edit and archive MTR information for each applicable product type. Beyond the fact that the tool enhances the end-user experience, it also serves as a great marketing and branding device by reinforcing Matco-Norca’s image in the minds of sourcing professionals as a reliable, comprehensive resource for plumbing supplies and related information.
On the front end, site visitors can easily look up the MTR by selecting the Product Type from the drop-down list and providing the heat number. The search result helps the end-user to select the MTR information he requires by providing a Description and all of the Mill Test & Inspection Certificates available for instant download. The end-user simply locates the MTR document he wants and clicks the link to open it. The end-user also has the option to save the document to his desktop or print it.
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