AIMG Completes Website Design for International Trade Show Display Design Group

AIMG recently launched the newly completed website design for international trade show display designers FB International.
Interested in a website that accurately represents their extensive professional experience and established reputation within the industry, FB International approached AIMG for a website design that not only marketed their business but also allowed them to allow clients to access their projects online. To effectively manage costs and get the new website launched as quickly as possible, AIMG recommended completing the project in phases.
The first phase of the project was the marketing end. In addition to developing a sharp new design that embodies the feel of a trade fair exhibition, AIMG worked with the client to create informative and compelling body copy to ensure site visitors knew exactly what was offered and were quickly engaged. The site was also optimized for search engine effectiveness, both in its design and use of relevant keywords and phrases.

The second phase of the project will include the development of a custom application that will allow FB International’s clients to logon to a secure section of the site to access their display projects. This section will provide both FB International and its clients with custom tools that will allow them to add, edit, archive and delete deliverables such as drawings, forms, and communications pertaining to a project. The backend of the application will have easy-to-use tools to make client account administration easy for FB International’s assigned account administrators.