AIMG | Accurate Imaging Develops “Cable Configurator” to Increase Sales for Leading Machine Vision Distributor

AIMG | Accurate Imaging continues to provide long-time client Phase 1 Technology, one of the nation’s leading machine vision distributors and system integrators, with website tools that serve to enhance the customer experience while increasing website conversions. The most recent website development is the “cable configurator,” a website search tool that makes it easy for the site visitor to find the exact cable he needs without having to hunt. AIMG’s custom “cable configurator” is designed to accommodate varying degrees of cable knowledge and the different ways site visitors search for what they need. The site visitor is initially presented with a group of images and accompanying drop-down menu that represent the principle cable categories. If a site visitor only knows what the cable he needs looks like, then he can click on the image; conversely, he can click on the name if he knows what type it is. Once a selection is made, the visitor can narrow down his choices by selecting the cable criteria he wants to fulfill without ever having to go to a new page. For example, he would select connector type, interface, cable type, or length. At the sub-category level, the site visitor also has the option to click on an image when selecting certain criteria, such as connector type A or connector type B, which acts as a visual guide. The application matches the selected criteria to the product (s) available in the product database and presents the site visitor with the corresponding product name (s), list of selected criteria, and links to additional technical information as well as the online request for quote (RFQ) form.