AIMG | Accurate Imaging Develops New York Production Guides First Ever Website Design for Mobile Phone Use

AIMG | Accurate Imaging developed NYPG.MOBI, the first ever film and video production guide website design for mobile phone use. Accessing the same robust database previously only available from a computer, NYPG.MOBI allows the New York Production Guide users to search all available resources using the categories and menus with which they are already familiar.

And because users browsing a website via their cell phones have limited bandwidth, AIMG removed all but the most pertinent information from all displays. The application was designed to provide the information site visitors need with as small a footprint as possible. The streamlined interface is targeted directly at mobile users.

AIMG also added a feature that detects whether or not a user is accessing the sites from a mobile device or a standard connection. Users using mobile devices are directed to the .mobi version of the site if they happen to visit the main website, and vice versa. This helps to ensure the best possible experience for all users.

The NYPG mobile website maintains the function, look and feel, and corporate branding of, so NYPG's customers can start using it right away without having to learn anything new. AIMG designed NYPG.MOBI to be fast, easy, convenient and desirable to use.

About New York Production Guide

NYPG is NY's oldest and most trusted film production guide, providing information on all aspects of film, commercial and video pre-production, production and post-production. For more information visit