AIMG | Accurate Imaging Develops Custom Application for ROTHCO to Integrate with 3rd Party Solution

AIMG | Accurate Imaging developed a custom application to integrate Rothco's comprehensive online catalog with a backend third party inventory reporting and shopping cart system that allows dealers to shop online.

For years ROTHCO provided its dealers with an extensive online catalog and a way to request a quote by submitting a shopping cart through their website. AIMG developed the original website application that Rothco still uses today. When they decided to integrate their separate third party backend inventory reporting and credit card processing system they called on AIMG to help enhance the application and allow the systems to work together.

Prior to the integration, Rothco customers could use either the original RFQ application, or access the credit card processing module separately after login. The project called for the AIMG product catalog to integrate seamlessly with the new backend, allowing customers to view the product catalog, view real time inventory information and order online using their credit card.

Working directly with Rothco and the third party vendor, AIMG seamlessly brought together the systems. The new application developed by AIMG now provides Rothco's dealers the full benefit of real time inventory information along with a robust online shopping experience. By providing their customers with an improved website experience that makes online shopping fast and easy, Rothco has yet another opportunity to ensure satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

About Rothco

ROTHCO is the world's foremost supplier of military and outdoor clothing and accessories. Established in 1953, ROTHCO has been growing steadily for over five decades. It offers more products than its competitors, including over 3300 military, law enforcement and outdoor products, and sells only to its authorized ROTHCO dealers. Visit for more information.