AIMG Develops High Ranking CMS Website for Steel Provider

Global marketing agency AIMG designed a new content management system website solution for leading 4130 steel and 4340 steel supplier Benedict-Miller.

“Benedict-Miller has been serving clients since 1940. How they treat their customers is very important to them. So they wanted a website solution that not only accurately represented their professional reputation but would help them to better organize their steel products and specialized services to be easier for them to get customers the information they need,” said AIMG’s Senior Project Manager Craig Bickford.
Offering the clients a cost effective way to expand and manage their website, AIMG’s customizable content management system application allows them to add, edit, delete, and archive web pages, text, images, links, and attachments without needing a web developer. “The clients can do pretty much anything they want on their own,” said Bickford. “Because all of our CMS website solutions are customized during the initial development, our design team created a look and feel that identifies the Benedict-Miller brand on every web page even as they expand by adding more web pages. We also added some special features to enhance the end-user experience and to help the clients make effective use of all their assets. For example, we developed a YouTube channel and integrated access on the site so it is easy for visitors to view the videos. We also integrated live Twitter tweets from the steel industry on the home page. All the enhancements reflect Benedict-Miller’s desire to be of service to their customers.”
Other features of the CMS website solution include attention-getting Flash animation in the home page header, customizable forms, and an integrated Google Map tool that can provide directions. With a built-in copy editor and expansion tools, the secure administrator’s section has everything one needs to manage a website with both ease and creativity.
Benedict-Miller was also interested in achieving top rankings in Google to take advantage of the lead generation opportunities offered by the search engine.  Because AIMG is a full service agency offering a comprehensive team of experienced marketing and creative specialists, Benedict-Miller was able to get everything they needed from them. To prepare the new website for the highest possible search engine and end-user performance, AIMG also provided copywriting and editing, digital image acquisition and preparation, and search engine optimization. The optimized CSM website designed by AIMG is already delivering results to Benedict-Miller with page one rankings in Google for its principle keyword phrases.
AIMG is a full service marketing agency that partners with companies to help them market and build their business both online and offline.
About Benedict-Miller
Visit www.benedict-miller.comto learn more about the company and the 4130 steel and 4340 steel products and metal services it provides.