AIMG Develops Lead Tracking System for Materials Handling Mfr

After having recently provided a new website design for RonI, Inc., a leading national materials handling ergonomic lifting equipment manufacturer, AIMG worked once again with the clients to develop a custom lead tracking application.

With leads coming from a variety of sources, including trade show events, inbound sales, website forms, direct marketing, advertising, and on-site sales visits, RonI needed a way of managing and tracking all lead activity and communications right through to sales. AIMG developed an easy-to-use lead tracking application that allows the clients to upload or manually add leads and all related communications and information. From a secure url login, users are taken to an easy-to-navigate Dashboard that allows them to add and access their lead information and perform a variety of lead related administrative tasks.
The lead tracking system identifies such things as where the lead originated from, who’s working with the lead, communications, notes associated with the lead, and all recorded lead activity. Super Users are the principle administrators of the application and can access all leads and associated notes and communications.
With the understanding that people discover features they would like to have while they are using a system, AIMG added a communications feature called the Wish List that allows RonI users to add notes about what they would like the application to have to help them to manage their leads effectively. This smart little communications feature ensures two very important things occur: 1) the clients can relate to AIMG exactly what they would like the application to do at the precise time they learn what that need is and 2) AIMG has the information it requires to continue to enhance the system according to those specified needs.
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