AIMG Rebrands as Amplify Industrial Marketing & Guidance in 2018

For the past 25 years, AIMG has provided integrated B2B marketing services in the industrial sector. Now, as a result of long-standing client growth and expansion into new markets, AIMG has rebranded as Amplify Industrial Marketing & Guidance.

“Amplify was born from the success of our clients,” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & President of Amplify. “As our clients found growth over the years, we grew right along with them, and when they needed new forms of business support, we provided it. The result is that after several decades, our service offerings have expanded dramatically, as have our areas of expertise. Amplify now provides B2B industrial marketing & guidance for distinguished clientele in search of services that go beyond traditional digital marketing into account-based data mining and quantifiable lead generation.”

For manufacturers and suppliers, distributors, industrial integrators, commercial services providers, healthcare and medical companies, and membership associations, Amplify has accrued specialized expertise to drive bottom line amplification with measurable results.

“It’s business as usual for our existing clients,” DeMicco said. “But for us, Amplify was a logical progression. We have a 93% marketing client retention rate*. We’ve been helping our clients take their business to the next level for the past 25 years. Now, we’re taking our accumulated expertise and applying it in a whole new way to deliver high-impact results.”

aimg rebrands as amplify

The Amplify rebrand embodies a complete repositioning of the company as a leading B2B marketing firm for industrials and membership associations, providing services across the entire marketing and sales funnel.

Existing Amplify clients will see no change in their day to day services. New clients may benefit from business development consulting, sales training or other new Amplify services that take a holistic approach to marketing and sales.

Amplify works to fulfill your growth needs, not just your marketing needs. With a 5:1 typical return on marketing investment (ROMI),** we strive to reach your business goals, together.

*Based on 2017 five-year audit of retained accounts
**Results typical with an annual marketing investment of $80-180K+