AIMG Redesigns Website for Consulting Firm

Winston Strategic Partners, a consulting firm focusing specifically on transition communication, needed a website redesign that reflected their brand and values. They called AIMG to help them through this process.

Winston Strategic Partners had a website, but were unhappy with the design because they felt it was hindering it’s lead generation capabilities, and no longer matched the companies brand and value propositions.

AIMG worked closely with them to first figure out, as the company evolved and its services changed, who the website was now targeting. These buyer personas were meticulously planned and detailed so that the redesign of the site would be more effective and Winston Strategic Partners wouldn’t have the same problems they were running into with the last site.

AIMG then redesigned the site, once again working closely with Winston Strategic Partners to ensure the project stayed within scope and reflected the company’s original vision for a new brand and a new website. This redesign process also included adding a blog to the site and ensuring that the site was now responsive. Before, their site was not mobile-friendly, which significantly impacted their rankings and ultimately the effectiveness of their site and their ability to acquire new customers online.

After the redesign was finished, Winston Strategic Partners felt their vision had been achieved and the site was performing as they had hoped in order to reach their business goals. The website now reflected their services, their brand and provided significant functionality improvements when compared to their previous site.

You can see Winston Strategic Partners website here:

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