Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

linkedin-premiumLinkedIn has come into its own as a marketing platform. Some experts estimate LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B lead generation in social media. With more than 400 million users, the site is a hub of thought leadership. How can B2B brands get the most from it? The answer: Use LinkedIn Premium to supercharge your prospecting.

LinkedIn has offered membership tiers for quite some time. Executive recruiters were among the first to see their potential: Some recruiters operate exclusively on LinkedIn, with average outlay of $8,000 per recruiter in 2013.

Luckily, B2B brands don’t have to invest as much – Premium was recently re-priced to $79.99.

LinkedIn Premium is the Ultimate Relationship Marketing Tool

LinkedIn Premium builds on standard account features to enhance your reach and power. Anyone who performs relationship management on the site should consider Premium to boost their ROI. InMail – the ability to message others you’re not connected with – can recoup the investment on its own.

Some advantages of Premium:


You Can See Everyone Who Viewed Your Profile

Although LinkedIn provides some statistics on profile views, free users can be left in the dark about where those views actually came from. If your profile receives more than five views daily, you’ll get critical intelligence from Premium. Plus, you can find out who viewed your information even if you decide to remain anonymous.

Enhanced Analytics Make Strategy Easier

Profile views are a good indicator of your reach – but it’d be inconvenient if you had to track and sort trends yourself. Premium’s analytics suite empowers you to dive into aggregate data about those who viewed your profile. You can quickly check on industry, job title, or whether a company is represented.

Find Who You’re Looking For

Experienced LinkedIn “hackers” can achieve a lot with the free version’s search. With Premium, the blinders are off: You can refine searches by function, seniority level, and years on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Premium allows you to privately message the right people at your target buyer company.

Notable Alumni Helps Identify Key Decision-Makers

“Premium Insights” offers robust information on how you’re connected with others. There are many toggles, but for B2B, “Notable Alumni” stands out over the rest. This helps you instantly determine whether you’re connected with someone who previously worked at a company. That can provide the open door you need to meet a decision-maker.

In June, LinkedIn became Microsoft’s largest-ever acquisition, valued at $26.2 billion. Over time, this business juggernaut is sure to become even more influential. Start leveraging it in your B2B strategy so you’ll be positioned for its bright future.