AIMG Small Business Collaboration & Communications Strategy for Phase 1 Technology

Strategic marketing and web development firm AIMG recently worked with longtime client Phase 1 Technology Corp. to research and develop a scalable collaboration and communications strategy. The solution had to complement their existing processes, adapt to growing needs, and enhance efficiencies and reporting for external as well as inter-departmental communications.

“AIMG developed a customized lead management application for us a few years back that was designed to work the way we work,” said Rusty Ponce de Leon, President of Phase 1 Technology Corp. “Representing about thirty manufacturers and thousands of products and solutions for multiple industries, we have a lead strategy that uses criteria much more specific than geography to manage customers and sales personnel. As a result, there is a great deal of communication and collaboration internally between departments and sales staff, as well as externally with clients, vendors, and manufacturers. A lot of information is created, discussed, stored, updated, and shared. So we were looking for the best way to manage documentation and facilitate communications to ensure the “next step,” whatever it happens to be, can occur as quickly and efficiently as possible, not only for lead management but for all business communications. In a nutshell, we wanted a solution that would cost effectively address efficiencies, scalability, and reporting.”
After researching and analyzing Phase 1 Technology’s business documentation and collaboration processes, the client was presented with three third-party communication solution options from which to choose one that would be integrated with their existing web-based tools. The client selected Google Apps for Business for its scalability, cost effectiveness, and collaborative communication options. Improving efficiencies that affect the rate at which items are accomplished was one of the client’s principle concerns. Now the client’s remote teams are creating and updating documentation more efficiently using real-time Video Chat and edit-tracking tools. AIMG is currently developing formalized procedures to help the client accurately track instant messages (IMs) by project.
“We work with a lot of small to medium sized businesses,” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & Founder of AIMG. “The key is getting to know their business so we can architect a solution that fits their budget and how they do things. Clients understand their problem; but the solution is rarely found in one box. So we take a hybrid approach, researching third-party solutions that we can integrate with what we need to develop. After the client selects from the options we provide, we build a scalable solution that is designed to work for them now and as they grow. Our approach to customization saves the client a lot of money without compromising on functionality.”
“As our marketing partner, AIMG has the core understanding of our business and processes to bring us solutions that fit right in with how we do things,” said Ponce de Leon. “They not only found for us a great solution that addresses our stated objectives, but they are teaching us how to get the most out of our investment by using it for such things as training and sharing tips among employees. I appreciate how it has brought our large and diverse team together and the great results that come from a higher level of accessibility and contact.”
AIMG develops and builds a variety of custom web projects, including content management systems, blogs, ecommerce websites, and a whole host of integrated web solutions to fulfill a wide variety of marketing, lead tracking and administrative needs.
For information about Phase 1 Technology Corp. visit www.phase1tech.comor call 1-800-747-8651.