AIMG Web Development for Ecommerce Blog Engagement

An existing ecommerce blog by in2green, an eco-friendly, sustainable home furnishing and accessories company, was in need of development work to optimize engagement, reach and ultimately acquire online business.

AIMG has roots in website development and was immediately available to help in2green find the best and quickest solution to the problems their blog was having – which included slow loading times, bad user experiences and other functional problems. These problems were significantly crippling the potential of the blog, which contained great content written by in-house experts at in2green, but lacked the proper effectiveness because of its difficulty to read and use.

AIMG, in close collaboration with in2green, quickly tackled these problems head on to minimize the ongoing impact they were having. First, AIMG fixed the functional issues on the back end of the blog so that it loaded quicker and served the purposes it was intended to. Then, AIMG implemented a brand new design for the blog to better represent the strong branding that in2green already had across the rest of their site (also developed by AIMG). This design was intentionally created to be responsive on any device, particularly on mobile for the sake of ranking well, but also to provide a seamless brand experience no matter what device visitors were on.

While implementing these changes, in an effort to boost engagement, AIMG added a photo gallery with a collection of strong images reflecting in2green’s eco-friendly, high-end products. AIMG also added an Instagram feed so these images weren’t simply viewed for pleasure, but added to the overall marketing efforts for engagement and exposure online.

By the end of the project, in2green had a robust blog with a crisp, clean and branded design that functioned much better than the old blog. Their customer engagement was increased, adding to their marketing and growth initiatives.

You can see in2green’s blog here:, and their photo gallery here:

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