Amplify Develops Corporate Timeline for Renowned Robot Integrator

Genesis Systems, an IPG Photonics Company, a leader in robotic integration with a rich history of innovation. Genesis recently approached Amplify with a desire to create a comprehensive company timeline to chart the prestigious and complicated history of their journey to becoming a world-leading robot integrator.

“Genesis is known as a premier robot integrator all around the world,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of Amplify. “They have a long history of being at the forefront of innovations in robotic technology. From their first robotic system, “The Monster”, in 1983, to their recent acquisition by IPG Photonics, Genesis has created a legacy in industrial robot system design that everyone should understand.”

Amplify got started by sitting down with key personnel at Genesis and talking extensively about the long history of Genesis as a company and why certain milestones proved to be important. Several meetings later, a deep history of Genesis, from their founding to present day, was established and the most influential moments in the company’s history were identified. These ranged from international expansions to product launches to employees receiving the Engelberger Robotics Award. All of this information was developed in an interactive page describing the journey of Genesis, as well as their present day robotic installation statistics. The result was a robust section detailing all the major milestones in Genesis’ history.

“The company timeline turned out to be an incredible piece,” said DeMicco. “It succinctly captures the enormous number of industry achievements and milestones Genesis has hit on their way to becoming a world-renowned integrator. It’s aesthetically pleasing and interactive, helping everyone understand just how influential Genesis has been through the years.”

The company timeline turned out to be an integral work of branding for Genesis and continues to engage web visitors to this day.

You can visit the Genesis Timeline here:

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