B2B E-Commerce: Driving Higher Conversion Rates

Traffic matters on the Web, but conversion rate is what brings in your revenue.

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who take a specific conversion action on your site, whether that’s buying a product, subscribing to your mailing list, or requesting information.

Each one of these is a conversion, and every conversion builds on the previous one. Ultimately, the path of conversions leads to a purchase and a (hopefully) long-term customer relationship.

B2B e-commerce has notoriously low conversion rates, so every conversion event counts. To optimize conversions, it’s vital to look at every step of the customer journey and each touch point. That means knowing your customers well and learning to interact with your site like they do.

Use these tips to elevate your B2B e-commerce conversions:

  1. Create a “Bread Crumb” Trail of Conversions

Most decision-makers will need a number of smaller conversions before they go for the buy. Try to get users onto your mailing list, then guide them toward a demo or free trial. With each step, you have the chance to gather more details about their needs so you can serve them better.

  1. Optimize Your Entire Site for Mobile

Decision-makers use mobile to check out B2B content while on the go, commuting or on trips. Yes, desktop is still the king of B2B conversions, but mobile’s share is growing – and mobile sessions are eclipsing desktop. Make sure your site is easy to navigate on a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Focus Attention on Headlines and CTAs

    B2B E-Commerce Driving Higher Conversion Rates

The headline is the first thing people read on any page and the CTA is the last – and, in many cases, those are the elements that convince them to look at the rest of the content. You should brainstorm anywhere from 5-7 options for each headline and CTA, then split test them.

  1. Strengthen Your Text Content With Video

Video has enormous power over conversion rates. This seems to hold steady regardless of the industry or buyer type. On average, a page with video can see conversion rate increases of 10% to 20%. In fact, some boost is noticeable even when users don’t stop to watch the video.

  1. Emphasize a Smooth and Easy Checkout Process

B2B buyers who abandon you at the checkout process are unlikely to ever return. Speed up the checkout by making it as simple as you can. Sprinkle testimonials throughout shopping cart pages to reduce buyer doubt and use retargeting ads to get users back to abandoned carts.

A “perfect” conversion rate is unattainable, but you can improve your results day by day. These five tips will get you on your way to implementing best practices to supercharge your B2B e-commerce conversions.

Do you need help developing your conversion path? Speak with an Amplify industrial marketing specialist to learn how to increase your conversion rate.