Are You LinkedIn Lead Generation Ready for 2020?

LinkedIn has long been recognized as the #1 source of B2B leads on today’s Web.

Unlike other social networks, it provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to speak to decision-makers who are both conscious of success and savvy in business.

With the right techniques, you can home in on an audience that’s both motivated to act on your offer and capable of doing it on a timeline that works for you.

Here’s how to prepare yourself for effective LinkedIn lead generation in 2020:

1. Build Out Your LinkedIn Page

Even more than your personal LinkedIn profile, your company page is what people will look at to decide whether your offer seems credible. Setting up a page is easy and only requires some basic information, a logo, profile picture, and cover image. Be sure to provide them all.

2. Connect with Prospects

Once your pages are set up, you can use LinkedIn’s search to find people based on firmographics that match your offer. LinkedIn’s Premium business accounts provide more granular options. The most vital thing here is to do your research and write personalized introductory messages.

3. Segment Using Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are used to promote specific products, projects, or brands within your portfolio. You can use them to create a segmented approach and direct leads to materials that match their buyer persona or buyer journey stage. Use landing page best practices to develop these.

4. Publish Quality Content Daily

You do not need to spend all of your time with introductions. You should also share quality content on your pages to build rapport with followers. While your own content is most effective, it is okay to share relevant, insightful posts from others. Be sure to add your own commentary!

5. Create a LinkedIn Group

Once you have begun to develop a following, you can deepen those relationships by inviting people into your own LinkedIn group. Here, you can provide premium content, respond directly to questions, and foster discussions that can lead directly to sales.

6. Promote Content

Are You LinkedIn Lead Generation Ready for 2020?

LinkedIn equips you with analytics tools to show you which content is performing well. When you notice content standing out from the pack, you can use your ad budget to promote it. Promoted content is more visible, so you can maximize your momentum.

LinkedIn has much more to offer. Improve your LinkedIn lead generation tactics and yield dividends quickly: Request a consultation.