B2B Marketing: How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Website Traffic

In terms of B2B marketing, LinkedIn remains the biggest source of traffic to B2B websites and digital content. Most experts believe it is the #1 source of B2B leads online and by far the best social network for sales. Even so, many B2B enterprises aren’t fully leveraging LinkedIn’s value to increase website traffic. Here’s how to use […]

What LinkedIn’s Update Means for Your B2B Marketing

With a cleaner, more intuitive layout, LinkedIn is looking for ways to reward people for sharing. This won’t shift the focus from business, but it’s part of a clear effort to build more connected communities and generate deeper relationships.

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn has come into its own as a marketing platform. Some experts estimate LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B lead generation in social media. With more than 400 million users, the site is a hub of thought leadership. How can B2B brands get the most from it? The answer: Use LinkedIn Premium to supercharge your prospecting.

An Overview of LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn isn’t just important for jobseekers and recruiters, it's also a great way for businesses to connect with their prospects and customers. Thousands of businesses maintain company pages – providing information on their history, values, products, and initiatives.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn has always been a great place to connect with colleagues and build your professional brand. Up until recently, however, there wasn’t much to recommend it as a publishing platform. Before 2015, most publishing functions were limited to a select group of “influencers.” All that has changed with the advent of LinkedIn Pulse. Pulse provides you with full-featured publishing with access to LinkedIn’s fast-growing base of around