What LinkedIn’s Update Means for Your B2B Marketing

linkedin update b2b marketingLinkedIn is an amazing success story when it comes to B2B marketing. By many estimates, it is responsible for the lion’s share of B2B leads sourced through social media – about 80%. And the network is growing: It now has over 467 million users across more than 200 countries.

But there’s always been one major problem with LinkedIn: It’s ugly.

In terms of design, user interface, and aesthetics, LinkedIn has lagged behind the social networks that prioritize recreation over negotiation. While the platform is tremendously successful, there‘s no doubt this has held it back from achieving the most engagement possible.

With the new LinkedIn, that perennial complaint is laid to rest.

New LinkedIn, New Opportunities

With a cleaner, more intuitive layout, LinkedIn is looking for ways to reward people for sharing. This won’t shift the focus from business, but it’s part of a clear effort to build more connected communities and generate deeper relationships.

Here’s how to make the most of the new LinkedIn:

Use the New Company Insights

LinkedIn Premium members now have access to a bevy of information about the companies and industries they interact with. This includes industry trends, top skills, and even pay data. This can help you refine your customer personas and overall approach to people in key brands.

Publish Context, Not Just Content

LinkedIn’s new approach provides a 360 view of brands and industries. It’s time to offer others a deeper insight into why you do things, not just what you do. Be sure content reflects your unique philosophy, relationship to your industry, and major achievements alongside current offers.

linkedin update b2b marketingGet Involved in the Conversation

The new LinkedIn expands publishing and sharing beyond reified “thought leadership.” It is now something anyone and everyone in the team can contribute to. Consider encouraging more team members to share their unique perspectives and experiences relating to your brand.

Be More Human

Those with a robust inbound marketing strategy already understand that it’s the human touch that fosters trust with potential allies. Openness, transparency, and a willingness to engage with others one-on-one as equals should be driving forces of your interactions on the new LinkedIn.

Keep An Eye Out

The LinkedIn “makeover” has been in the works for a long time, but it’s only the beginning. More features and improvements are expected in the coming months. Stay alert and continue to revise your strategy with time. It may be a good moment to invest in LinkedIn Premium!

With an expanded emphasis on storytelling around your brand, LinkedIn now dovetails perfectly into a digital strategy built around inbound marketing. In the coming months, brands will find new ways to be expressive and professional. Be sure your company is among them!