B2B Marketing: How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Website Traffic

In terms of B2B marketing, LinkedIn remains the biggest source of traffic to B2B websites and digital content. Most experts believe it is the #1 source of B2B leads online and by far the best social network for sales.

Even so, many B2B enterprises aren’t fully leveraging LinkedIn’s value to increase website traffic.

Here’s how to use LinkedIn as the ultimate distribution channel for lead generation:

1.Target with Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages act as an extension of your main Company Page. You can use them to highlight your products, brands, or projects. In effect, your Showcase Pages can become lead converting landing pages for the different buyer personas you serve. Extend your existing segmentation strategy to Showcase Pages and you can even direct users onto the right subscription lists.

2.Use Pulse for Thought Leadership

LinkedIn adds prestige and credibility to B2B social content. LinkedIn Pulse is the platform’s built-in blogging feature, which offers you virtually any option you’d expect from a full-fledged publishing platform. To maximize LinkedIn’s impact, aim for at least two posts a week aligned with your other content marketing efforts. When it comes to web content, persistence pays!

3.Optimize to Improve Your Visibility

Every page you expect leads to interact with, from your Company Page through to individual staff profiles, should be optimized for organic search. Timely, accurate information on all posts and pages is essential since Google indexes Pulse content. Of course, you should drive traffic from Pulse to your website with prominent links that promise your readers targeted value.

4.Use LinkedIn Paid Advertising Wisely

Current LinkedIn advertising options include:

  • Text: These include a small image, a 25-character headline and 75 characters of text.
  • Sponsored Content: This option boosts the visibility of Pulse content using a budget.
  • Sponsored InMail: This private InMail is sent directly to your list of targeted leads.
  • Dynamic Ads: These ads change according to the viewer and are used for job listings.
  • Video Ads: These rich multimedia ads auto-play in the LinkedIn feed without sound.

B2B Marketing: How to Use LinkedIn To Drive Website Traffic

As with any paid advertising, it’s essential to have a complete lead funnel with strong targeting and segmentation. Otherwise, you might find traffic bounces away from your landing pages and your ad budget fails to produce ROI.

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