A Brief Guide for Creating a B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is the undisputed king.

LinkedIn meets the needs of B2B marketers by centralizing a population of motivated, career-conscious individuals in one place. When they use the LinkedIn network, they’re on the hunt for solutions to their business problems. That’s very different from Facebook or Twitter.

So, how can you get started mining this B2B lead goldmine? It’s simpler than you may think:

  1. Begin with Your Company Page

Your LinkedIn company page is a sure stop when people want to learn more about you. With that in mind, don’t fall into the usual trap of filling it with dry details about company history and leadership. Write it with leads in mind and focus on getting clicks to your website.

To achieve that, optimize each element of your company page:

  • Use a powerful header image connected to a specific lead magnet or offer.
  • Use your “company description” space to create a clear, compelling pitch.
  • Post updates regularly, ensuring they’re clickable and conversion-oriented.
  1. Create a Showcase Page (or Several)

Showcase pages help companies highlight the members of their brand portfolio.

For lead generation and conversion optimization, showcase pages can be used to spotlight units of your business focused on specific buyer personas. Each showcase page should laser focus on only the offers and information relevant to that group, motivating them to reach out for more information.

  1. A Brief Guide for Creating a B2B LinkedIn Marketing StrategyUse Advanced Search for Prospecting

When it comes to proactively finding leads on LinkedIn, Advanced People Search has the tools you’ll use most. Upgraded LinkedIn membership gives you the most search options, but even without, you’ll be able to seek people by location, company, industry, school, and interests.

Once you’ve devised a promising search, you should save it so you can review results regularly.

  1. Monitor Groups Relevant to Your Leads

With more than two million Groups on LinkedIn, you’re sure to find many that cater directly to your ideal buyers. You can build rapport with leads by being active in Groups. Answer questions and post helpful, informative content to gain visibility, then contact individuals directly.

When searching for Groups, focus on those the search results highlight as “very active.”

  1. Start Your Own Groups

Groups are a great way to distribute branded insights to your target market. Your activity on LinkedIn should be an extension of your overall content marketing strategy, so launching a Group is a fast way to direct valuable content to leads as part of long-term relationship building.

B2B marketing with LinkedIn is easy to get started with, but challenging to master. Focus on this professional platform and you’ll soon see the many ways it can contribute to sales and revenue.