5 Ways to Boost Social Media Holiday Engagement

B2B businesses often take their foot off the gas pedal in November. After all, Santa doesn’t usually bring someone a new ERP suite or capital equipment for Christmas. But staying “top of mind” is still crucial to success.

Decision makers may not be as excited about business purchases as they are about the upcoming holidays, but they are thinking. Many entrepreneurs go into planning mode and look for ways to exceed past performance. Your company could offer the path forward they need. Social media is the ideal way to maintain key relationships over the holidays.

Let’s look at ways to increase engagement on social media into the new year

1.Release a Variety of Relevant Content

Now is a great time to release a year-end retrospective or share new research that just wrapped up. Video content is another clear winner, as business leaders who find themselves with some holiday downtime can still consume it (between servings of turkey, of course.)

2.Use a Holiday Theme (Wisely)

Just because you aren’t doing a giveaway like a B2C retailer, it doesn’t mean your brand lives outside the calendar year. Look for ways to add tasteful holiday touches to your updates. It’s never inappropriate to ask your social followers what they are thankful for.

5 Ways to Boost Social Media Holiday Engagement3.Reach Out to Get Follower Feedback

Now’s a time of year when people feel generous and do things from the heart. Approach them in the right way and they will be glad to give you the feedback you need to do an even better job in 2020. Interactive content like fun quizzes and surveys can do the job here.

4.Put Your Values Front and Center

No matter who your target market is, all companies have values. And what better time to remind your followers what they are? If you are doing corporate giving or volunteerism this year, use social media to invite your followers, involve them, and show how we can all work together.

5.Emphasize Visually Appealing Content

Not all your social content needs to move the needle on thought leadership. Now and then, especially for the holidays, a view of the first snow from your window can be enough. Use compelling photos and illustrations in tandem with the other points above to make a real impact.

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