How to Get More Followers for Your Business’s LinkedIn Page

Social media provides many advertising and marketing opportunities for businesses. LinkedIn is one social media avenue to pursue to increase your business presence online. The more followers your business has on LinkedIn, the more likely you will increase your product and service sales. Read on to learn more about the importance of LinkedIn for your business and how to increase your following through this social media platform.

Benefits of a Strong LinkedIn Presence for Your Business

LinkedIn is an extremely valuable marketing tool for businesses. When you set up a LinkedIn page for your business, you’ve added an easy way for people to learn about your company online. Here are some benefits to having a strong LinkedIn presence:

  • You can provide the main points of your business in an easy-to-read format
  • This type of marketing is cost-efficient
  • You can quickly draw people to your LinkedIn page with some simple online strategies
  • People will have more access to your business details, products, and services than other competitors who don’t use social media to connect with potential customers

By viewing these benefits, you can see why you should get as many followers for your business’s LinkedIn page as possible.

Risk of Not Having a Good LinkedIn Presence

There are some risks your business may face if you don’t have a good LinkedIn presence. First, if your competitors have a good LinkedIn presence, they may gain access to customers you could have encountered through online means. Also, a good LinkedIn presence adds validity and reputability to your business. Potential customers are more likely to go with a business that has a strong online presence and exudes credibility.

7 Tips for Growing Your Business’s LinkedIn Followship

Now that you know why your business should have a strong LinkedIn presence, here are seven tips for growing your LinkedIn followship:

  1. Encourage your employees to spread the word about your LinkedIn page.
  2. Optimize your content for SEO purposes.
  3. Put a LinkedIn follow button on your business’s website.
  4. Make sure to post relevant content on your LinkedIn page consistently.
  5. Use business-related hashtags when joining in online conversations relevant to your industry.
  6. Occasionally mention the names of industry influencers in your page updates to attract new followers.
  7. Use videos and visual content on your LinkedIn page to attract viewers.

When you put these essential marketing tips into motion, you can increase followers on your LinkedIn page and make it more likely you grow your customer base, too.

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