10 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black FridayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are two days where your business’s sales can soar. In fact, in 2020, Cyber Monday sales topped $10.8 billion. This set the record for the largest online shopping day in the United States! And with more businesses likely to open their doors on Black Friday this year for in-person shopping as compared to last year when the coronavirus pandemic made holiday shopping a bit different, you better believe sales will be high. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re ready for in-person and online shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year!

Benefits of Preparing for These Special Sales Days

Now’s the time to start prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you don’t prepare ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to increase your sales on those two days as much as you could. Some benefits to preparing for these sales days ahead of time include:

  • Ability to create ads in advance of the big day
  • Finding out what the competition will be offering
  • Preparing special giveaway items and gifts with purchases
  • Ensuring your staff is prepared for the crowds

When you prepare ahead for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll feel relaxed going into these hectic sales days because you know you’re ready to go.

Risk of Not Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you don’t prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday well in advance, you may not have the stock, staff, or materials in place to help you fill these sales orders. Plus, your competition may be more ready than you are which can ultimately direct your customers to their stores. When you’re prepared, you’re ready for the customers and sales about to come your way.

10 Tips to Help You Prepare

Here are ten tips to help you prepare for these two big sales days:

  1. Prepare a sales strategy.
  2. Get your store ready for the shopping masses.
  3. Target your ad campaigns to the right audience.
  4. Consider what discounts your store will offer.
  5. Use social media posts for advertising.
  6. Consider Facebook ads for special day sales advertisements.
  7. Use email marketing strategies.
  8. Make sure your website runs properly.
  9. Schedule your staff well in advance.
  10. Don’t be afraid to add incentives at the last minute.

When you consider all these tips, you can feel confident you are ready for the big day. Plus, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers will leave your shopping experience happy and with full shopping bags!

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