10 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

halloween marketingA top marketing campaign helps your company generate leads to sell your products and services. Therefore, you want your marketing strategy to be a step above the rest. By creating topical marketing campaigns, you can attract the attention of potential clients and generate leads.

With Halloween approaching, you have a prime opportunity to test this theory out. Read on to learn more about topical marketing as well as 10 Halloween marketing ideas to generate leads!

Benefits of Topical Marketing

When you market with a specific topic in mind, such as holidays, you gain many benefits. Some of the benefits of topical marketing include:

  • You provide a topic of interest and offer your services and products at the same time
  • The content is current and relevant
  • You engage your customers in a fun way
  • Your marketing strategy is memorable

With all these benefits of topical marketing, it’s easy to see why this type of strategy should be on your radar.

Risk of Not Taking Advantage of Holidays

If for some reason, you don’t take advantage of the holidays and note how these special days can work along with your marketing plan, you may miss out on leads. Other companies, i.e., your competitors, use holiday-themed marketing to up their advertising game…and so should you! If you don’t use holiday marketing, but other similar companies do, potential customers may find their way to the competition.

10 Halloween Marketing Ideas

Ready to learn how to use Halloween themes in your marketing strategy? Here are 10 Halloween marketing ideas to try:

1 Decorations

Decorate your brick-and-mortar business with Halloween decorations to get attention from all who pass by and enter your business.

2 Offer Halloween Discounts and Deals

Whether you sell products or services, create Halloween discounts and deals to draw new customers in.

3 Create Halloween Themed Products

If you sell items or want to give away free products to generate leads, do so with a Halloween theme in mind.

4 Add Halloween Themes to Your Website and Social Media

Your online presence should be filled with Halloween-themed content and graphics. This will draw people to your website and potentially turn leads into actual customers.

5 Advertise a Spooky Theme Contest

Advertise a Halloween contest and offer company products as prizes. For example, hold an online contest where people post a Halloween photo or answer a Halloween question and then like and share your company’s social media handle to be entered to win.

6 Host a Holiday Giveaway

People love giveaways, especially if they have a holiday theme. Host a Halloween giveaway and draw people in to learn more about your company.

7 Sponsor Local Halloween Events

If your local community holds Halloween events, see if your company can become a sponsor. This concept offers a great way to get your company name out to the community.

8 Host a Costume Contest

Host a costume contest at your business before Halloween. And don’t forget to give out prizes!

9 Holiday Promotional Gifts

If you attend a sponsored event or have a vendor table at a trade show before Halloween, be sure to make up Halloween-themed promo gifts to hand out.

10 Halloween Goodie Bags

In the days and weeks before Halloween, hand out holiday goodie bags at your place of business to anyone who comes inside. This doesn’t have to be exclusive to customers. It can include anyone who comes in to view your products and services.

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