How to Enhance Customer Experience

customer experienceRaising lifetime value from existing customers is the most efficient way to improve revenue, especially in the industrial sector. To achieve that, companies need to focus on customer experience.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is more than customer service. It is everything that makes up the customer’s perception of and sentiment around your brand based on the history of interactions they’ve had with you. Employees, systems, channels, and your offerings all contribute to customer experience.

The Importance of Customer Experience

Customers expect effortless and rewarding interactions across all channels and touchpoints. Many of them are willing to pay a premium for customer experience excellence. However, even those who are not are still vital to the bottom line. Poor customer experience may drive them elsewhere and sabotage customer acquisition.

Eight Ways to Enhance Customer Experience

1 Have a Vision for Customer Experience

Your customer experience strategy must arise from a clear vision that everyone understands. Generally, that means defining core values all else will stem from.

2 Know Your Customers

Be sure your customers are segmented with accurate buyer personas. Personas should connect with the different use cases of your products and services.

3 Create a Connection

Emotional engagement is crucial to customer loyalty, even in the industrial sector. Look for ways to employ the human touch, whether it’s a personalized note or a behind-the-scenes video.

4 Focus on Feedback

Give them the chance and customers will tell you what they need in their own words. Collecting real-time feedback using live chat is the most effective and modern approach.

5 Develop Your Team

Talent development is crucial to customer experience: Your vision will only be realized if a training plan is behind it! This ensures personnel understands your values and how to represent them.

6 Involve Employees in Feedback

An annual employee survey simply isn’t enough to capture situations that could be reducing your overall customer experience. Short, frequent, granular surveys are the key.

7 Measure ROI

Net Promoter Score is the most straightforward metric to monitor customer experience ROI. Be sure you are collecting NPS data regularly.

8 Have a Great Website

Your website is your most powerful marketing asset. Be sure it reflects your brand and gives visitors easy access to all the resources you offer.

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