How to Reach a Bigger Audience with LinkedIn Video

It’s finally here: Video has reached LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Video is an exciting innovation that should have B2B marketers looking eagerly for ways to engage their audience on their personal profiles. It’s well known how effective video content is and how hungry decision-makers are for it, particularly paired with a responsive mobile experience.

Although stats have shown B2B buyers love video, there hasn’t been a dedicated B2B video platform on the scene until now. LinkedIn is a a natural fit, since it captures a vast B2B audience and generates a plethora of B2B business opportunities.

LinkedIn Video Platform

LinkedIn Video made its debut in August, giving anyone the opportunity to upload a video to their profile via the site’s iOS or Android apps. As with other features of LinkedIn, you also get analytics to see what companies and job titles are associated with your viewers.

Here’s how to use it:

1 Upload Video

Uploading is easy. Open the LinkedIn app on your mobile device and tap on the new camera icon. You can then select a pre-recorded video or record one on the spot: A neat way to create “behind the scenes” content with an added touch of authenticity.

Basic stats for LinkedIn Video uploads:

  • Length: Each video must be at least three seconds long, not more than 10 minutes.
  • File Size: Videos can be a maximum of 5GB. Remember those mobile data limits!
  • Editing: Professionalism counts! It’s a good idea to pre-record and polish your video.

2 Describe Your Videolinkedin video

As with any modern video platform, LinkedIn gives you the chance to describe your video and improve its discoverability. You can add up to 700 characters (approximately two beefy paragraphs) about your video. This can be done either when you upload or afterwards.

3 Tag People and Things

You’ll have the opportunity to add links, mention people, and include hashtags. This is vital on LinkedIn: People don’t spend as much time here on Facebook, so catching their attention and motivating them to share are keys to gaining traction in the ecosystem.

4 Post

Once your video post is fully prepared, all you have to do is tap the Post button. Your native video plays in users’ feeds automatically with the sound off. To listen to it, viewers have to unmute – so it pays to make it look interesting. Entice them to click that volume control! Sharing videos in LinkedIn Groups can help them get that first burst of traffic.

How should you use video on LinkedIn? Any type of B2B video content you can imagine is fair game. That includes tutorials, interviews and other thought leadership content, exclusive “peeks” at products, and much more. Get started and see what works for you!