How to Succeed with Holiday Email Marketing this Year

The nights are getting longer and the weather is changing – the holidays are almost here!

The holiday season is an amazing time for individuals and businesses. Not only is everyone filled with holiday cheer, but many companies have their best months. Even if you’re not in retail, your enterprise has a chance to bask in the reflected holiday glow.

As the holidays draw closer, most of us will be thinking about kicking back on vacation and enjoying quality time with loved ones. There are some aspects of business that just can’t turn off, however, and your holiday email marketing list is among them.

Never fear: Holiday emails can have incredible ROI!

Let’s look at some amazing ways to maintain your momentum with holiday email marketing:

1 Include Built-In “Add to Cart” Buttons

As the big gift-giving holidays tick closer, people need to make their buying decisions. A nice, shiny “Add to Cart” button can be a source of relief as they move closer to having their shopping done. If it works for your brand, don’t be afraid to adopt a festive look and feel, too.

2 Retarget Users with Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment Syndrome is real! According to the Baymard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is nearly 30%. Even wildly successful sites can have surprisingly high abandonment rates, so retarget those users to get them back in the game before New Year’s.

3 Offer Holiday Specials and Couponsholiday email marketing

Comparison shopping is part of the fun of creating the greatest holiday you can for people you care about. A coupon is one of the easy ways to generate excitement and lower resistance all at the same time. Shipping cost accounts for 28% of abandonments, so consider lowering it with coupons.

4 Create Seasonal Gift Guides

Seasonal gift guides help customers get everything they’re looking for in one place – and why shouldn’t it be YOUR place? A well-crafted guide saves time, cuts down on frustration, and can kindle some fuzzy feelings in relation to your brand. It’s a win-win all around.

5 Add a Countdown Timer

There’s a reason why putting off holiday shopping until the last minute is a cliché: It really does happen. A lot. While not knowing what to buy is one reason (see point #4) the main thing is this: People simply lose track of time. Add a little urgency with a countdown!

The holidays are the perfect time to show your list subscribers you care. With the right words and images at the right moment, you can entice a buy that has been percolating all year. Get enthusiastic about the holidays – and your list – and it will pay off!