B2B Marketing to Millennials Requires a Different Approach

Millennials – born between 1979 and 1995 – make a big impact on today’s workplace. For one thing, they represent the largest active generation in the workforce. For another, about 73% of Millennials are directly involved in business purchasing decisions.

In fact, there’s an increasing likelihood that you, the reader, are a Millennial.

The era of think-pieces about avocado toast is nearly over: Millennials are here, and they are us.

But no matter your age or who your firm serves, it’s crucial to think about how you can adjust your marketing practices to win attention from Millennial decision-makers. Like generations before them, they have clear preferences and expectations marketers should account for.

Let’s look at some key ways B2B enterprises can relate to the next generation:

1. Use More Video in Your Campaigns

Video is a crucial component of marketing to Millennials. It’s fast, convenient, and communicates a tremendous amount of information in a short time. That makes it ideal for the mobile platforms that Millennials use for product research. But keep it short: HubSpot research suggests you can maximize engagement by keeping content under a minute long.

2. Go “All In” on Social Media Marketing

B2B Marketing to Millennials Requires a Different Approach

Speaking of which, social media and video go together like peanut butter and jelly. LinkedIn is currently the king of B2B marketing, but those trends may not hold true forever: More Millennial decision-makers are doing work on Facebook and Twitter. Adjust the way you build, manage, and promote customer-facing social communities to fully leverage these platforms.

3. Accelerate Deals with Influencer Marketing

Even if you’re not quite sure how to reach Millennial buyers, there are others out there who can help. Developing partnership initiatives with established influencers helps them and you: they get content they can share to keep their followers engaged and you get a ready-made opportunity to present your unique value. That truly does mean everybody wins.

4. Make Your Values Clear – and Live by Them

When it comes to Millennials, loyalty is driven by a brand’s authenticity and commitment to clear values. Whether B2B or B2C, Millennials prefer to work with companies who help them live with integrity. Don’t underestimate the value of a clear mission and a statement of values. Use volunteer events and community outreach to show you stand behind your principles.

Remember: Millennials Aren’t All That Different, After All

A lot has been said about the differences Millennials bring to the table, but that doesn’t mean familiar business drivers are out the window. Millennials want to succeed, and B2B decision-makers want what’s best for their company. Align your messaging with their habits in media, thinking, and vernacular and you’ll soon be on track for lasting business relationships.