Boost B2B Lead Generation and Make This Year a Breakout Year for Your Business

With a new year comes new opportunities for everyone. Your customers are done celebrating the holidays, preparing fresh strategies, and looking ahead. Hiring is on schedule and big purchases – such as your solutions – are back on the table.

When January rolls around, it’s not unusual to add some innovative ideas to your marketing mix. No matter how well your business is performing right now, there’s always the possibility of doing even better. The question arises, though: Where to begin?

If you are ready to exceed expectations this year, try these methods for B2B lead generation

Social Video

As mobile platforms become more pertinent in business, short form video is gaining mindshare as a way of introducing decision-makers to new brands and products. Sharing relevant, polished video on thought leadership platforms like Quora, Medium, and LinkedIn is a great icebreaker.

There is a lot of discussion about whether video should have great production values or be “raw and authentic.” In general, social video should tend toward the former – particularly in industries like finance, which tend to be conservative. There’s a time and place for a different approach…


…and that’s livestreaming. Livestreaming has exploded across social media, giving thousands of new content creators opportunities to have their voices heard. In B2B, livestreaming is at its best when it’s done right from the floor of an industry conference or other major event. It’s okay to break out the cell phone cameras here: The human touch gives video more immediacy.

b2b lead generationInfluencer Marketing

Just as influencer marketing is approaching sunset in the B2C world, it is experiencing a moment in B2B. B2B influencers have something that sports stars, celebs, and other high-profile figures in B2C don’t: A genuine connection with the products they discuss and endorse.

Partnering with influencers can move your brand into the spotlight and secure real interest from leads. An influencer partnership can be as simple as sharing content with them that they then provide to their following or as complex as ongoing joint ventures across multiple platforms.

Personalized Email and Content Marketing

It is far easier for B2B enterprises to customize content without crossing the line of privacy present in B2C ventures. B2B decision-makers aggressively reject irrelevant content and offers, so businesses should strive to qualify leads proactively and capture new details at every step of the buyer journey. Relevant, timely content reflects a true commitment to customer care.

Remember this: B2B content marketing is a cycle, and each part can be self-reinforcing. For example, focusing on social videos gives you more content to share with influencers, who are more likely to send leads to your website. Seize hold of one aspect and the sky is the limit!