Dental Marketing in 2016

dental1It wasn’t that long ago when dental marketing was simple. Most communities only had a few dentists, and customers were not usually willing to travel far from home to see one. New dental offices opened from time to time, but it was relatively easy to find out what other brands were offering. Finding ways to compete meant innovating in a limited number of ways.

Over the last few years, dental marketing has changed. For one thing, Americans have become less focused on dental health: In 2014, a third of those surveyed revealed that they had not gone to the dentist in the previous year. Americans cite cost and discomfort as reasons they might avoid the dentist.

The lesson is clear: What worked in dental marketing even ten years ago is insufficient today. Your potential customers have new expectations for dental care and they explore their options in new ways. Both new and established dental brands need to modernize their marketing to stay relevant.

What works in 2016? Let’s take a closer look.


Dentists Need to Invest in Online Marketing

Online marketing is more important than ever before across a wide range of industries. Just because it’s essential, however, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank: A targeted and strategic approach can help you reach your business goals and outperform competitors.

Dentists Need to Drive Business with AdWords

Google recently updated its long-standing ad platform, AdWords, to focus on mobile traffic. 68% of U.S. adults own a smartphone, empowering them to learn about local businesses on the fly. AdWords helps you tap into these visitors at the moment they’re ready to make a decision.


Dentists Need to Have a Good, Modern Website

Before making a decision about dental care, most prospects will review and compare websites. Your site should have a complete listing of your services, as well as information on your office and equipment that might be of interest to first-time visitors. Plus, it should be easy to navigate.

Dentists Need to Leverage Social Media

Building rapport with new and existing customers is crucial to differentiating yourself from the competing businesses in your community. You can use social media posts to answer questions, draw attention to bargains, or simply provide expert advice on good dental hygiene.

Modern marketing depends on a caring connection that begins well before your prospects visit your office for the first time. With a good digital marketing strategy, your website and other assets will work constantly to bring new customers to your door 24 hours a day. In 2016 and beyond, it’s essential to lasting business success.

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