Facebook Doubles Down on Video Advertising

facebook videoLook around today’s Web and there’s no question video is where the action is.

YouTube delivers 1 billion hours of content every day, on pace to leave traditional television in the dust sooner rather than later. Now, Facebook wants a bigger piece of the video content pie.

With about 50 minutes of users’ time per day, it stands to become a major contender.

Over the last few years, Facebook has done more to make video content visible on its platform. The arrival of its Videos tab back in 2016 was a step forward, reflecting CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s purported obsession with video’s potential.

Now, with the newly-revamped “Watch” tab, the sky is truly the limit.

Watch Tab Changes the Rules – and the Game – for Facebook Video Content

As Facebook has focused more resources on video, particularly live streaming, brands have been pleasantly surprised at audience engagement – especially on videos perceived to be the most authentic and raw. People love to feel “in on it” with behind the scenes content, too.

With the launch of the Watch tab, the depth and scope of video content has changed forever.

Here’s what marketers need to know:

facebook videoWatch Reproduces the TV Experience

Watch won’t be limited to live streaming. Any shows “with a narrative arc and consistent theme” are expected to find an audience. With Watch, users can find live and pre-recorded content when they wish, on mobile or desktop. They’ll easily be able to catch a show’s back catalog, too.

Watch is Going Head to Head with YouTube

With Watch, Facebook is setting itself up as a one-stop shop where you can see all the Web has to offer. Through deep social integration, it has the potential to let people all over the world share viewing experiences in a way that used to be limited to crowding around the living room TV.

Watch is a Brand New Advertising Opportunity

Watch’s in-stream ads are expected to be the fastest-growing category of Facebook advertisements for a long time to come. Facebook is already touting the fact that over 70% of short in-stream video ads are actually watched all the way through, most with the sound on.

Get Ready to Compete with In-Stream Facebook Video Ads

Although there’s still a lot to learn, some best practices are already clear.

The best Watch in-stream ads are:

  • Short – Facebook’s best figures come from ads up to 15 seconds in length;
  • Highly targeted – The best ads don’t jar users from their content experience.

Advertisers savvy with News Feed video ads are opting for in-stream ads in growing numbers. Keep an eye out for further updates on how to target and optimize in-steam advertising for maximum effect!