Getting Started With Facebook Live

facebook-liveFacebook is continuing to push the envelope with Facebook Live, which empowers users with robust live streaming capabilities. Businesses are using it to build stronger rapport and deeper relationships, leveraging the power of short video to capture the attention of mobile users. Following a long-term, limited preview, Facebook Live is now available to everyone.

Facebook Is Part of the Streaming World and You Should Be, Too

Until recently, the variety of live streaming software has made streaming a dicey proposition for many businesses. With the robust and well-constructed capabilities of Facebook Live, you can benefit from a platform that connects you easily with your existing audience. There’s no reason to delay, and the sooner you try it, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

How do you get started? It’s easy:

1 Let People Know You’re Going Live

A spontaneous streaming session can be fun, but it won’t capture the same audience as one that’s announced. Start promoting your session at least three days in advance, using Facebook’s boosted posts to enhance your reach. Time your updates and your Live session itself so your core customers will be online and engaged. Your website’s analytics suite can give you some insight on peak activity times for your users.


2 Launch a Live Broadcast

You can now go live from your Facebook profile or Mentions app. When updating your status, simply click on the new Live icon – it resembles a person with a halo of sound lines, no doubt broadcasting to the world. After clicking the icon, the status update you write will become the description of your Live session. You can adjust the audience of your Live session just as you would with any other post. Click “Go Live” and you’re on!

3 Create Genuine Engagement

What do your users care about? Your Live session is an extension of your brand that puts a face to your name, so keep the audience’s needs in mind. Start your session by thanking everyone for tuning in and remind them to follow for notifications of future Live events. During your stream, users will interact with you directly using Facebook comments. Greet them by name and respond to questions to get the best results.

Live streaming can be interesting and exciting for both you and your brand supporters. Facebook Live makes it easier than ever to build a great human connection.