Google Mobile-First Indexing: How to Leverage the B2B Buyer Journey

Mobile-first indexing is Google’s new way of using a website’s mobile version for indexing purposes as opposed to indexing the desktop version to evaluate content. It doesn’t mean that desktop-only sites will be penalized, but over time, it could increase the ranking possibilities of mobile-friendly websites. Google prefers website-friendly sites for multiple reasons, including but not limited to, search increases as a result of the B2B buyer journey.

Around 42% of researchers use their mobile phone for purchase matters, and this is not just limited to the B2B researchers that are in their homes. They also use their mobile devices for work while they are at their office. Furthermore, Google reported that around 50% of all inquiries about B2B were made using smartphones.” (GrowRev)

Understanding the B2B Buyer Journey

For a long time, marketers were under the impression that B2B buyers spent most of their time on desktop sites to finalize a purchase. Over time, market research has shown a distinct connection between mobile usage and marketing tactics. B2B buyers no longer spend their time researching potential products/services from their office on a desktop.

Google’s push to make website’s mobile-friendly is a direct result of the change in buyer journey, with 77% of mobile searches occurring at work or at home where desktop computers are most likely present. Due to Google’s newly launched mobile-first indexing, mobile-friendly websites play a crucial role in making the buyer journey more convenient for the B2B buyer, particularly in the later stages of formulating intent. It allows them to find exactly what they need when they need, from whichever setting they’re able to access the information.

Based on research from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), mobile marketing enables market leaders to connect with buyers on a new level. By reducing purchasing time, mobile results in higher customer loyalty and increased repurchasing rates.

The Future of Mobile-First Indexing in the B2B Buyer Journey

Based on search results and an abundance of marketing data, mobile-friendly sites offer a wealth of opportunity for businesses to reduce advertising costs and increase customer acquisition. You can now reach potential clients from wherever, whether they’re relaxing on a beach somewhere or playing a round of golf. Your marketing efforts are no longer limited to the office or a desktop, which is why mobile-friendly sites and mobile-first indexing are crucial for B2B marketing success.

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