How to Grow a B2B Email Marketing List Organically

The days of buying bulk mailing lists are over.

For today’s consumers, only organic, consent-focused lists will do. That means each individual on your list needs to affirmatively opt in based on a clear, accurate understanding of what they get in return.

This type of email list takes longer to develop and nurture, but it’s also one of the most potent business resources you can have. Although there’s a longer turnaround time before such a list reaches a critical mass, it gives you the power to drive sales based on the schedule you set.

Implementing multiple techniques for B2B list growth is the key to faster ROI. Try these proven methods:

1. Double Down on List Segmentation

If people aren’t excited about your email list, it’s possible they’re getting email content that isn’t valuable to them. Go back to the start by crafting lead magnets based on your buyer personas and buyer journey stage, then ensure your list is segmented into the smallest meaningful units.

2. Offer “Bonus” Email Content

Does your content give readers something to look forward to? “Bonus” content is email content that builds on your free Web content. It’s more advanced, detailed, or actionable, allowing people to dive deeper into a topic they’re already interested in. This motivates them to subscribe to your list.

Growing B2B Email Marketing Lists3. Promote Your Lead Magnets

If you’ve already got a full selection of lead magnets, then look at your traffic funnel. Are you getting the right eyes on your offers on a regular basis? Promote your lead magnet content on LinkedIn by zooming in on targeted groups or discussing it in updates.

4. Add CTAs to Every Piece of Content

Remember, every piece of content in your entire ecosystem should be driving conversions on some level. Look at non-text content – videos, infographics, and podcasts – and update them so all content pieces are linked with your email list where appropriate.

5. Implement Pop-Ups (Respectfully)

Like them or loathe them, pop-up windows remain the most effective way to get people onto your email list. Although only a fraction of Web visitors will convert, that fraction adds up. Just be sure your designs follow current user experience best practices and make a compelling offer.

6. Contact Your Existing Clients

If you’ve implemented email marketing recently, you have customers who’ve been around since before your email list. While you can’t just add them to your list now, there’s nothing stopping you from sending them an offer to join it. A special incentive can make it worth their while.

Whatever approach you choose, remember: Stick with it and be consistent. Once you see the results, you’ll want to make email a cornerstone of your marketing.