Different Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence is powering a wide range of modern marketing applications.

Many marketers today rely on artificial intelligence to help them monitor user behavior in the form of Web analytics and lead scoring. While these applications inform a content marketing process, however, they have always been one step away from actual content generation.

That’s changing rapidly. AI is empowering content marketers more than ever before.

Let’s review some of the AI-driven innovations in today’s content marketing world.

1. Auto-Generated Content for Day to Day Use

Artificial intelligence is now smart enough to generate its own content for the topics people look up every day. For example, it can automatically compose a stock ticker or present the scores of the big game. This ensures users are up to date and frees writers for higher-level tasks.

2. Interactive Chatbots to Accelerate Conversions

Chatbots are an enticing technology for two main reasons. First of all, they are highly interactive, which fosters a strong relationship with customers. Second, they can be tied to all your information systems, including things like purchase history, ensuring a personalized experience.

Different Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Content Marketing3. Customized News Feeds (and Other Personalization)

Speaking of personalization, it’s the name of the game for modern digital marketing. Custom news feeds put power in the hands of your audience to determine what matters to them. Working from a few topics or other “seeds,” AI can compose content feeds based on a user’s browsing.

4. Predictive Intelligence to Drive Strategic Initiatives

Which actions are most predictive of an eventual sale? Today’s AI predictive intelligence goes beyond lead scoring to facilitate individual exploration of the content ecosystem. It can not only determine likely outcomes, but guide users on the path that leads to conversion.

5. Expedited Content Curation and Sharing Tools

Curation is a valuable way to get the most noteworthy developments of the day in front of your users. It has always been valued for its snappy speed and low overhead. AI greases the wheels even further, helping you pinpoint and share the content most likely to produce engagement.

6. Smoothing the Buyer Journey and Customer Experience

When customers feel their individual needs are cared for, they will trust a brand all the more. Customer-facing AI will soon go beyond the rote performance of basic tasks and reach a point where it can help users solve novel problems. That will open up whole new frontiers of Web content.

No matter what your role in the digital marketing landscape, you have good reason to be excited about AI. Teams will be able to serve their customers in unprecedented ways across the buyer journey. This brings the goal of true “customer delight” within reach for enterprises of all sizes.