Is Live Streaming Right For Your B2B Marketing?

live streaming b2b marketingLive streaming is changing the way businesses interact with customers. With more streaming options than ever, it’s never been easier to connect with your audience on a truly human level. With the right approach, you can fit streaming into virtually any campaign in your B2B marketing strategy.

When most people think “streaming,” they probably think of celebrities or YouTube entertainers. This can make it hard to see how streaming fits into the marketing of a company that isn’t wacky or zany. The truth is, though, that streaming can work for just about anyone – if done right!

Consider these ways to make streaming work for your B2B marketing strategy:

1) Walk Customers Through Processes

If your product isn’t self-explanatory, some customers are bound to get confused – and they won’t always feel like reading the manual. Brief videos are a great way to expand and enhance your documentation, since users can get through in bite-sized chunks focused on their needs.

2) Use Streaming for Customer Service

Some people just communicate better face-to-face. Live customer service means faster problem resolution and fewer ambiguous emails to wade through. Of course, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re going to use it, make sure it remains strictly optional.

3) Clarify Beta Testing and User Acceptance

If customer input is a big part of your product development process, streaming can make things easier. Gone are the days of trying to gather a representative sample of your users in one place. Now, you can organize and conduct testing through remote streaming.

live streaming b2b marketing4) Offer Exclusive Live Streaming Events

When people decide to start a relationship with your brand, they want something worthwhile. To give them great value, consider streaming training events that will help them solve their pressing problems. A live event is a great gateway to a consultation or even a purchase.

5) Access Industry Events

Let’s face it: In most industries, there are more events than anyone could ever attend in person. More and more of them are making it easy to attend remotely. This can be a great way to up your team’s skills or keep your own clients informed about the latest trends.

6) Go Behind the Scenes

No matter the industry or buyer, everyone likes to feel they have access to something that’s truly exclusive. A brief live stream can show product previews, demonstrations, or simply give some insight into the creative process. That’s enjoyable and informative.

Production values still matter when it comes to streaming – but it’s never been easier to do it or integrate it into your marketing. A simple webcam can be your customers’ window into your world. The more authentic and helpful content you share, the more connected they’ll feel