Periscope for Business

periscopeSo, your business has seen lots of success on Twitter. Now what? Time to try Periscope.

What is Periscope?

Considered the fastest-growing social media network to date, Periscope is a Twitter-owned video streaming service empowering users to quickly and easily create live-streaming video to communicate with customers in real time.

Using just your smartphone or other mobile device, you can “go live” anytime, anywhere. Viewers can tune in from all around the world, check out your broadcast, or even review past broadcasts you’ve chosen to make available.

Some big features of Periscope:

  • It’s free and compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • It has blown past its rivals with over 10 million users.
  • It is a large, exciting, and unsaturated market (so far!)
  • It offers real-time engagement to humanize your brand.
  • It may well be the future of the Web

But how can you use it? Let’s consider some techniques:


Behind the Scenes Footage

People love to feel that they’re in on the secret of how things really work. Footage taken “behind the scenes” of your business can help build trust and differentiate your brand. A taste of your day-to-day quality control or creative processes will give users a reason to root for you.

Product Demos

People are much more likely to purchase products they’ve seen in action. Product demos are a great way to point out new features and innovations, building anticipation without giving viewers a “salesy” vibe. Plus, these videos can drive new subscribers to your mailing list.

Video Tutorials

People go online to learn things and solve problems. Sharing timely, relevant, helpful content is one of the cornerstones of modern Web marketing. Video tutorials are uniquely convenient, since people follow along at their own pace, and visual learners appreciate them.

Live Q&A or Webinars

When you have something to share with the world, nothing beats live video. Periscope makes streaming live events especially approachable, eliminating a wide range of software and hardware requirements. That means even a small business can compete with the big names.


Crowdsourcing can help drive your business in new directions by getting immediate feedback from your viewers. While it used to take days, if not weeks, to conduct a sound customer survey, Periscope makes the same activity possible with an hour or two of planning.

No matter how you use it, Periscope can provide you with plenty of live video content to share on your other social media networks, amplifying your brand’s voice even more. The app is simple to use and will help you learn the foundational skills behind video content quickly: In this world of increasing video content, there’s no reason not to try it.