Responsive Web Design for Motion Control Association

AIMG recently launched – the new website it developed for the Motion Control Association (MCA). After having successfully designed and developed the website for the Robotic Industries Association, AIMG was subsequently contracted to design and develop for the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), for the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), and most recently the MCA website.

“The MCA website is a fully customized, robust web application developed specifically around our clients organizational goals with growth and scalability in mind” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & Founder of AIMG. “As with the other A3 organization websites we designed and developed, the MCA website serves a number of diverse, targeted buyer personas on the front-end and numerous administrative functions on the backend. While working closely with the client to understand the website’s requirements, we develop detailed wireframe models that accurately map the maturation of navigation and functionality. The wireframes make it easy for the client to express their needs and wants while helping us to share with them their available options for getting the results they’re after.”

AIMG developed the website using responsive web design to enable easy access from virtually any web-enabled device. “All websites need to be responsive now because the use of smartphones, phablets, and tablets is ubiquitous,” said DeMicco. “What is important to understand about proper responsive web design is that it does not mean that your desktop website simply shrinks to fit a smaller screen. What and how the information displays has to be strategically planned to ensure integrity of brand identity as well as optimal user experience and marketing impact. We help our clients through the process of clarifying the essential information that must show up on the smaller screen – as the intent of a mobile user may be different from that of a desktop user – so that we are able to create a website experience that fulfills the client’s business objectives no matter what device it is being accessed from.”

The new website reflects a number of important enhancements on both the front-end and the administrative back-end. The result is a more user-friendly experience for site administrators as well as site visitors and members. For example, visitors can now browse by Products & Services, Manufacturers, and Distributors. They can also easily access “Related Content” conveniently associated with articles. The new dynamic Career Center allows members to log in and manage their own job postings and online submissions from applicants. An updated display and new administrative tools make on-site ads more appealing to visitors and potential new advertisers as well as easier to track and manage for site administrators.

AIMG designed the new Motion Control Association website to fulfill the client’s goals and provide optimal user engagement on virtually all device screen sizes. “Responsive web design is about making sure users can easily achieve what they came to do,” said DeMicco. “Facilitating engagement improves business results. Whether it’s responsive website design or any other marketing initiative, our strategic planning focuses on addressing the interests, behaviors and objectives of the buyer personas in order to make a lasting connection that increases our client’s profitability. We were honored to apply our approach in designing websites for,,, and now”

The MCA website can accessed by visiting www.motioncontrolonline.orgfrom any web-enabled device.