AIMG Designs Responsive Website & Custom Back-End for Film Production Guide

AIMG recently launched the new responsive website it designed for long-time client the New York Production Guide (NYPG). Since 1998, NYPG has turned to AIMG to ensure its website continues to meet its evolving business needs and the needs of its very specific film production buyer persona groups.

“The unprecedented rate of technological change, particularly online, has created new opportunities for businesses but has also created new demands” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of AIMG. “The new responsive website we designed for NYPG takes into consideration two very important factors: the size of the screen being used to access the content and the intent of their diverse users. With the steady trend toward mobile computing and handheld devices like Smartphones, phablets and tablets, the content has to display well and be easy to interact with on a variety of screen sizes. Additionally, not all users come to the NYPG site with the same intent. For example, presentation of content had to be intelligently laid out to accommodate both the front-end needs of film, commercial, and video industry users looking for information as well as the back-end needs of advertisers, listing customers, and NYPG administrators looking to manage their site content. The new responsive website successfully addresses these factors to ensure an engaging experience for all users on any device.”

The most comprehensive website for pre-production, production, and post-production needs, the New York Production Guide (NYPG) provides information for all phases of the film, commercial, and video production industry. The new website designed by AIMG is a robust application that features a fully customized back-end.  The integrated content management system allows the client’s site administrators to update site content at any time. Additionally, secure sections of the site are designated for advertisers and listing customers and provide easy-to-use tracking and content management tools.

Visit  to view the new NYPG responsive website designed by AIMG.