Finding Success in Social Media Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

Not surprisingly, social media will still be a big deal in 2020.

For centuries, people have been looking forward to 2020, thinking of it as “the future.” The future is now, and marketers will be challenged to keep up with its twists and turns.

Here’s how to prepare yourself for what the social media of tomorrow may bring.

1. Use Video as a Driver and Value Engine

Although the “average” piece of Web content is still the text blog, video is catching up. With robust platforms for developing, sharing, and storing video, saturation is approaching. Not only should brands post videos, they should share them aggressively across social media.

2. Lay the Foundation for VR and AR

Interest in virtual reality and augmented reality is high among up and coming Gen Z consumers. In practical terms, VR will offer users opportunities to experience a product before they make a purchase. As social platforms roll out VR features, brands must embrace them.

3. Leverage Social to Brand Your Organization

CEOs and other business leaders will be among the most visible influencers on social media by 2020. Consumers and potential employees alike will look to their statements to learn whether a brand reflects their personal values. Executives must learn to be socially savvy.

4. Incorporate Voice Search Into Your Strategy

Finding Success in Social Media Marketing in 2020 and BeyondJust like mobile, voice search will transform the way we use social media networks – personally and professionally. Voice search best practices are already emerging, so it’s crucial to start structuring your content in such a way that it’s both socially shareable and “voiceable.”

5. Amplify Online Commerce With Social

Social commerce has had sluggish adoption in the United States and Europe, but the situation is changing quickly. Emerging markets are driving new growth in social commerce, so brands must optimize their social media for a seamless online buying experience.

6. Embrace the New Possibilities of AI

Historically, AI has been an unwelcome pest in social media. Now, however, AI is advanced enough to contribute to a cohesive brand identity across social and Web platforms. Ideally, all AI agents should be connected to each user’s entire history of brand purchases and interactions.

7. Start Figuring Out How Gen Z Works

The avalanche of thinkpieces about Millennials is almost over: The Millennial generation is now the most populous in the workforce. In short, they are us. Brands need to turn in a totally new direction: Start evaluating Gen Z social media habits and aligning yourself appropriately.

Social media marketing – and digital marketing as a whole – is a game of continuous evolution. That means 2020 won’t be much of a watershed moment for marketers. Instead, stay focused on adding value while proactively seeking new social opportunities.