The 2021 B2B Marketing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

Marketing technology continues to advance and drive tremendous change. B2B marketers in particular will find 2021 a year full of both challenges and opportunities. To make the most of them, seizing the emerging power of advanced marketing tools will be essential. Trends – and customers’ expectations – will be dramatically shaped by the novel customer experiences that these technologies make possible.

Here are the top B2B marketing trends to be aware of:

1. AI

Artificial intelligence will continue to be the most important overall trend not only in marketing but in the high-tech sector as a whole. Machine learning will go on being deployed in new marketing tools so that teams can take advantage of user behavior patterns that would otherwise be invisible to them.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are just one promising application of AI. They provide an interactive interface for customers, allowing them to get questions answered without hunting your site for information. They can also tie into your CRM and inventory systems, facilitating seamless and convenient ordering.

3. Privacy & Security Changes

Old-fashioned marketing methods are facing privacy headwinds that will change the landscape forever. On one side, products like Google Chrome are effectively eliminating support for third-party cookies; on the other, countries worldwide are launching new privacy legislation. Marketers must adapt.

4. Micro-Moments

Micro-moment describes those instances where people turn to their smartphones to learn something, do something, watch something, or buy something. They are considered intent-rich, and new marketing technologies are increasingly making it possible to meet them with customized, buyer-friendly content.

5. Predictive Analytics

Data analytics can be seen as a standard part of today’s marketing stack. But today’s analytics can only tell you what has happened in the past – not what’s likely to happen in the future. Soon, 5G and AI will combine with new advances in processing so analytics can help you prepare for likely future trends.

AI will affect all of these marketing trends and more, but companies must be proactive in finding new ways to leverage it. Many B2B firms already use chatbots but have wide horizons for adopting predictive analytics and monetizing micro-moments.

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