Top 15 Event Marketing Tips

event marketingGood event marketing can be challenging, but it’s worth it!

Try these event marketing tips:

1) Set Specific Goals

Event marketing should always have specific, measurable metrics – whether that means more total attendees, sign-ups at the door, or commitments to return next year.

2) Start Planning Early

The sooner you nail down the event details, the better your marketing will be. Get advice from experienced event managers if this is your first time!

3) Create Great Landing Pages

Your event’s site should have a specific landing page just for prospective attendees who haven’t committed yet. The page should clearly state your value proposition without any distractions.

4) Issue Press Releases

Press releases are a good way to get media attention for your event. However, they are most effective when you also take time to call or email local news outlets to spread the word.

5) Engage Attendees on Social Media

Early in your promotion, define a hashtag for discussions of the event. Then, engage your attendees with things like contests and voting on different aspects of what should happen.

6) Use Promotional Videos

Videos capture attention from people at all stages of the decision-making process. You can showcase things like your featured speakers and venue.

7) Put Your Event on Facebook

Creating a Facebook page is fun and free, so there’s no reason to overlook it!

8) Name a Media Contact Person

Someone on the event team should be in charge of fielding questions from reporters. On the day of the event, this person can give a statement to any press attendees.

9) Use Email Marketing

If you have a mailing list of potential attendees, a sequence of 3-5 emails can showcase all the exciting things about your event. Be sure they can sign up in a single click!

10) Tap Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is recognized as a great B2B platform. If there are business networking or charity opportunities at your event, it might be popular there.

11) Place QR Codes

QR codes can be used on fliers, business cards, or elsewhere to bring prospects to your registration form.

event marketing12) Leverage Social Proof

If your event has happened before, be sure to use testimonials from satisfied attendees. If this is the first time, have a plan in place to collect testimonials.

13) Get Speakers Guest Blogging

Guest blogs will help get attendees excited about what your speakers have to say.

14) Livestream Your Events

Livestreaming captures attention on social media, adds value for your attendees, and stokes the curiosity of those who couldn’t make it.

15) Collect Plenty of Attendee Feedback

The more you hear from your attendees about their likes and dislikes, the better your event will be next time!