Updates Coming To Facebook Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Facebook is helping local businesses thrive during COVID-19 with a series of valuable new features. One of these – and perhaps the most ambitious – is Facebook Shops.

Facebook Shops are customizable digital storefronts designed to help businesses bring their products online quickly. These storefronts can also be used on Instagram.

Facebook Shops Represent a Push Into E-Commerce for the Platform

Today, many e-commerce companies are experiencing record sales while local businesses may be unable to open. Facebook will help small businesses get in on the action with Shops.
Shops are free for businesses to use and require only a few minutes to set up. They can be found on the company’s Business Page on Facebook or in its Instagram profile. Business owners can also promote their Shops as part of advertisements or Stories on the platforms.

Customers are able to browse online and get information about all the products a company chooses to make available. Would-be buyers can save products, share them with their friends, or request more information from the company.

Plus, companies can handle customer service issues seamlessly through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

More features are coming, including the ability to shop directly from chats or live streams, and full integration with companies’ loyalty programs.

Facebook Will Be Expanding Its Grants Program to Help Local Businesses

Facebook’s Small Business Grants Program has been popular during the pandemic. Offering a total of $100 million in cash grants and advertising credits, it aims to help businesses stay afloat.

In addition to its existing commitments, Facebook has announced that the Small Business Grants Program will be expanded to include selling gift cards, holding fundraisers, and requesting help from local organizations that are ready to provide expertise and support.

These exciting developments can go a long way toward supporting local businesses in need. Knowing Facebook, more projects, and programs are certainly on the way.

The pandemic has been tough for businesses of all sizes. Maintaining your digital marketing presence is essential to navigating the unknown. Business development has changed overnight: To succeed in the new economy, your enterprise must change with it.

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