Using Quizzes to Boost Engagement

quiz3Looking for a new way to drive engagement on your site? Quizzes could be the answer!

Online quizzes have been popular for decades – you could find them displayed on the homepages of popular websites years ago. Today, they’re making a comeback thanks to a wider availability of quiz-making tools.

But quizzes aren’t just for fun: They can drive engagement and revenue for your business.

Today’s Online Quizzes are More Than Fun and Games

There are many types of online quizzes, but two stand out for their popularity:

  • The Personality Quiz – Categorizes users into types based on their answers.
  • The Knowledge Test – Challenges and scores users’ knowledge on a topic.

quiz3Either type has the potential to get your visitors thinking – and drive them into your sales funnel. For example, personality quizzes can be used to offer tailored suggestions for products or give users advice based on their situation.

If your company focuses on information products, a knowledge test can help identify your prospects’ knowledge gaps and connect them with the right book, class, or video course to meet their needs. Motivated leads can even share the test!

Quizzes and tests offer a compelling – and often overlooked – content format. But to make that all-important connection and ensure visitors are willing to provide you with their email address, the quiz content needs to be compelling.

Designing Quizzes That Get an “A” in Engagement

While all quizzes have certain elements in common, doing each one right is key to success:

Craft Interesting, Personable Questions

Dry, boring questions won’t motivate your prospects or provide them with the insight they want. To make a connection, inject a little personality into each question. Even if the rest of your Web presence has a formal tone, the quiz is the right time to speak to leads on a more personal level.

Raise Interest With Great Visuals

Much has been said about the importance of visual content on today’s Web. Your test or quiz is an especially visual format – each question should have a lush graphic or illustration to go along with it. Plain text could bore visitors and keep them from finishing.

Respect Your Visitors’ Time

While many Web users will dive into a quiz with both feet, they won’t keep it up forever. A quiz of six, seven, or eight questions is ideal: It provides a quick diversion for your users while giving you enough information for a satisfying, relevant, and thorough results page.

Quizzes are a great way to add levity and interactivity to your site. Use them correctly and they can be a compelling part of content strategy.